It has become apparent to my wife and I that one of the harder moments in life is surviving success. That’s not to say that in our lives we have reached total success, but our situation is improving and has improved over the last couple years.

We had a family party over the weekend, and hosting a family party is great, especially when you have kids and would rather stay home and let people come to you as opposed to having to get ready, travel, deal with kids and get home exhausted.

That being said, we noticed a couple things after this party weekend. On the good side, we are proud of what we have, proud of what we accomplished and excited to grow our lives financially and as a family, because it has not been easy.

The flip side is unfortunately every family has those members that are selfish and feel entitled (if you can’t think of any, your either blinded by it or it’s you). They feel like if you are having success, then you are going to share it or they will do everything in their power to mooch it, belittle it or bring you down.

We are very giving people and we do not gloat. If someone is in need AND we can see that they are genuinely trying to improve their situation AND genuinely need help, we will do everything we can to be by their side and help them out.

The people though who just want to either step on your success, or bring you down to their level are disgusting to my wife and I, and although we love our family, we have to make decisions that will first and foremost benefit us and not allow the bloodsuckers of this world rain on our parade.

To SURVIVE this, you have to maintain your morals while at the same time remove these negative energies from your immediate situation. That’s not to say that we will never see these people again, it’s just that we will do everything in our power to see them on our terms (meaning at our house), so that if it comes down to it, we can remove them from the situation.

This past weekend really opened my eyes to this and it may sound bad, but when I sat back and thought about it, it made me want to try that much harder, because I realized we are on the path to achieving our dreams as a family. It also opened my eyes to what we will inevitably have to overcome. We will have to make decisions and come to terms that we can either deal with it (like most people will), or decide that the people in our lives have two options, be good, true people or be distanced from us.

This is just the beginning of surviving success, but as our success grows, these are things and situations that my wife and I realized we will have to stay strong and overcome.



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