Don’t FEAR a let-go-from-your-job, PREPARE for one!

I work for a company that, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy, however, job security is literally a game of chance. I have seen good employees come to work one day and, all of the sudden, over the loud speaker, they are called to the front office. For my workplace, that is never good and sure enough, they were blind-sided, let go.

Although, I’m certain there was a plan behind letting them go, It is not at all obvious and to everyone still employed after this, it is to say the least, bullshit.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and although I still have to have a 9-to-5 to support my family, a let-go or lay-off wouldn’t upset me one bit. I wouldn’t say I hope for one, although, I would be walking out of their smiling and would, for sure, thank and shake the hand of whoever was delivering the news to me.

The first thing that I would be thinking of would be, it’s go time.

My family and I don’t live outside of our means financially and that would mean that now I have a 6 month runway, at least, to be able to start my entrepreneurial journey and now I would literally be getting paid to do it (through unemployment).

Yes, it would definitely be go time, however, I have been and continue to prepare for this, because I have seen this scenario so many times.

What would look like a tragedy to most, would give me the push and means to create something better for my family and provide me with an opportunity to have a dream life, being location independent, financially independent, and be able to show my family how relying on yourself and not having to slave to accomplish the dreams of someone else.

That, to me, would truly test my ability to survive what most consider, a true nightmare.

Think about this, prepare for this, and what you might think right now would be an absolute disaster, could and should be the start of a dream.


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