Survive The Nightmare

This isn’t your ordinary “Survival” blog and website. Here, I will share survival tips, knowledge and insight on how to survive life. “Surviving this nightmare” to me, isn’t saying that life is a nightmare. My life is actually filled with happiness … for the most part.

When I refer to “Survive the nightmare“, I’m talking about the nightmares around us and the moments in our lives that all of us experience, no matter how fulfilled our life feels.

You can look around and see that everybody experiences nightmares in life and, at least for me, feel fortunate that, for the most part, my life doesn’t have nightmares. That’s not to say that nightmares don’t occur in my life. I just handle them similar to an actual nightmare. I know I’m going to survive this and eventually, I’m going to wake up and realize everything is OK.

That being said, that is alot of the reason that you see some people experience nightmares from time to time and some people seem to be living in a constant nightmare. The difference is perception and belief. Belief that things will get better and having the will power to make it through.